19 Jul

The united states citizens have the full right to live in the country as long as they have and also have the right to participate in national events like voting. On the other hand, green card holders can be referred to as permanent residents in the country. The green card allows them to be in the country until the green card become invalid. But know that if you commit any crime the green card can be invalid. If you have immigrated to the Us, you have to get a legal permanent residency.  This is the first necessary step that you have to consider.

According to the law at USImmigrationBonds.com, a person who is having a valid green card can work and can also reside in the US permanently. If you want to get a permanent residency according to the law, there are things that you have to consider. One you can become an American citizen through marriage, family member, spouse, and an employer sponsoring you. All you need to have is the visa. When you get a refugee or an asylum, then you can become the US permanent residency. Most people are living in the US because they have won a visa lottery.

If you get the legal residency, you will be given a green photo ID card that will allow you to do the following things. You can be able to work and live in the US according to your requirements. You can travel out and in the US as much as you want.  But you have to know that there is a permitted time that you have to spend outside. You can partition for your family member or any other person to get a green card status. If you stay more than this time, then the legal residency might be abandoned. You might also be rejected to return to the united state of America. Know more about eligibility here!

By looking at the immigration law the citizenship of the united state is the of the highest status that anyone can get. Citizenship allows you to live in a country without limitations. Grounds of deposition law can not work for US citizenship. These two people might have the same rights to vote and many more. If you stay in the US for more than five years as a legal green cardholder, you will be given an opportunity of allowing to be a US citizen. Look for more facts about bail bonds at https://www.britannica.com/topic/bond-law.

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